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“There are some men who enter a woman’s live and screw it up forever. Joseph Morelli did this to me- not forever, but periodically”

One For the Money is the first novel by Janet Evanovich with the bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. It was published in 1994 in the United States.
After One For the Money was published, word spread around and soon the novel became hugely famous. (now are twelve books about bounty hunter Stepahnie Plum available)


Stephanie Plum is a Trenton girl who lived up in the burg. She has been out of a job for six months before she worked at a underwear factory. Her car has been repossessed (the replacement: a used nova with a bad muffler), she can't make rent and she's forced to move back home with her parents. In desperation she blackmails her cousin Vinnie into getting her a job as a bounty hunter at his bonding agency. Never mind that she doesn't know what a bounty hunter does, and when she finds out it involves carrying a gun, sitting on stake outs and chasing dangerous people down Trenton. Her first chance at getting out of debt is a $10,000 bounty on Trenton vice cop, Joe Morelli, on the run for suspected murder.Stephanie knows Morelli from her past. When she was six, she played with Joe in his garage “choo-choo”, and with sixteen Joe took Stephanie's virginity and then wrote the details on the bathroom wall of Mario's Sub Shop, but he never called her. Three years later Stephanie hit Morelli with her car and attributes the incident to temporary insanity.
Now she has to find Joe Morelli who has disappeared after shooting Ziggy Kulesza, an apparently unarmed man. Witnesses to the shooting tell of an onlooker, a strangely flat-faced man whom no one can identify. Even stranger, all the known witnesses who might identify the vanished flat-faced man, or testify that Morelli's victim was armed and trying to kill him, begin to have fatal accidents. But Stepahnie is determined that nothing will stop her from receiving her $10,000 for bringing him in. But she must confess that bringing in a fugitive is a lot harder than she thought, but she finds out that her new friend, fearless bounty hunter Ranger, can teach her what it takes to catch a crook.
Trying to locate Morelli takes Stephanie into some dangerous parts of the burg. She meets two friendly prostitutes Lula and Jackie, but also Benito Ramirez, the employer of the man Morelli shot, a boxer who has a reputation for raping women (who then mysteriously disappear) and has a strange connection to the murder case. Ramirez begins stalking Stephanie. At the very least, his obsession with Stephanie complicates her manhunt and brings terror and uncertainty into her life. Her borrowed car is bombed, her Grandma Mazur joins in the hunt, and she discovers, almost too late, that she should have put in some target practice with her new gun. But that is not enough. One morning Stepahnie finds Lula abused by Benito Ramirez and tied up on the fire escape outside of Stephanie’s apartment.
In her search, Stephanie catches Joe a lot of times but is never able to bring him into jail. After some time she begins to think that Joe isn’t guilty and they work together. In her search Stephanie finds the missing witness in Sal’s butchery. Sal closes his store and drives with the witness whose name is Luis in a refrigerator truck to the harbour. Stephanie follows them and finds out that they meet Benito Ramirez. While she calls Morelli Benito’s Porsche drives past her back to the city. When Joe arrives nobody is at the truck and they find inside a dead and frozen Sal and Luis and also heroine. Stephanie shuts Morelli into the truck because he refuses to let her bring him to jail now as he found the witness, but not the missing gun. She drives him to the police station and explains all about Ramirez and the drugs. When Steph comes home she finds Jimmy Alpha, the manager of Ramirez in her apartment. He tells her that he sells the drugs and shot Sal and Luis. Jimmy calls Benito to rape Stephanie but she catches her gun and shoots him and calls the police. The missing gun has been found in the truck and forensics found traces of blood on it from Ziggy.
In the end Stephanie got her $10,000 and Joe Morelli has been cleared of all charges and reinstated in the police department.


Stephanie Plum: The protagonist of “One for the money” is 30 years old and just laid off from a job at E.E. Martin where she was a lingerie buyer. Now she works for her cousin Vinnie as a bounty hunter.
Her cars: a Miata until it was repossessed, a used Nova and the Buick from her father.
She has a hamster called Rex and was married with Dickie Orr a lawyer and caught him having an affair with her arch-enemy Joyce Barnhardt. She knows Morelli from her past.

Joseph Morelli: Became a policeman in Trenton. Killed Ziggy Kalezsa. Is an FTA in "One For The Money."

Grandma Mazur: She moved into Stephanie's parent's house after Grandpa Mazur died. Likes to go to viewings at Stiva´s Funeral Home and to watch TV.

Ranger: Full name: Ricardo Carlos Manoso. Second-generation Cuban-American. The professional bounty hunter. He is a mysterious person, because there are a lot of secrets about him f.ex. nobody knows where he lives

Lula: A prostitute. In the second book “Two for the Dough” she begins to work at Vincent Plum's Bail Bond Company.


Janet Evanovich lived up in New Jersey and after studying at Douglass College she decided to go into writing. Sending many manuscripts to several editors, she received as many refusals back.
Returning to be a secretary, she received a call by an editor. After twelve romance books, she took a new approach and launched into detective novels. Janet Evanovich has won numerous awards, including the Crime Writer's Association John Creasey Memorial Award, Left Coast Crime's Lefty Award, the Silver Dagger Award, and two Dilys awards. “One for the money” has also been optioned by Tri-Star Motion Pictures and is now in preproduction.

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